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The Future of Gas

Gas Energy is Here to Stay - Gas Industry Launches Future Sure Campaign


Wellington, Friday 18 June 2021 – New Zealand’s gas industry is launching its Future Sure campaign, giving Kiwis confidence that gas energy will continue to flow well into the future.


The campaign supports the Climate Change Commission’s recent and final recommendations to decarbonise New Zealand’s economy to meet the country’s 2050 climate change commitments. Future Sure represents the gas industry including, distributors, retailers, appliance manufacturers and a number of other partners.


Cameron Jardine, Future Sure spokesperson, says tomorrow’s gases – like renewable hydrogen gas (generated from water), are already being developed or trialed in New Zealand and will allow Kiwis to continue to enjoy gas energy in their lives.


“More than 450,000 households and businesses use gas every day. If you use gas for cooking, heating, or manufacturing, our message is the flame isn’t going out. If you own an appliance that uses today’s gas, you can use it in confidence for the rest of its lifetime,” Jardine says.


“Most of New Zealand’s gas pipe network is compatible with future gases. Testing shows most modern appliances are compatible with blends of low carbon renewable gases and can currently take up to a 20% renewable hydrogen gas blend with natural gas. Blending gases will be an important part of our journey as we scale towards a more renewable future. LPG appliances are already compatible with bioLPG as it is chemically identical to existing LPG”.


Globally, tomorrow’s gases are being developed in Asia and Europe. In New Zealand, the industry is working with partners to develop the technology to transition to future gases.


“We want Kiwis to understand that while gas energy is changing, it’s here to stay. Trials to transition to future gases are already underway. We’re getting ready for the future - currently, we’re working to begin blending tomorrow’s gases into the natural gas network from 2025,” says Cameron Jardine.

Future Sure partners support the Commission’s advice that the Government develops a national energy strategy to give the sector and consumers’ confidence about the transition to low carbon renewable gases.

“A national energy strategy will support the industry to build future technologies and invest in infrastructure and development of these crucial gases, ensuring continuity of energy supply for all New Zealanders.

“In the meantime, we want to start the conversation about the future of gas - how the flame isn’t going out and how future gases will get us there; consumers can continue to use gas energy with confidence,” says Cameron Jardine.

About Future Sure

Future Sure is an industry group representing New Zealand’s gas sector, consisting of 29 contributing members, including retailers, distributors, appliance manufacturers and suppliers, gasfitters, and training organisations. It is working to inform consumers that the gas they turn on isn’t being turned off and advocate for the sector as it moves to a low carbon renewable gases future. You can find out more information at

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